Glass Pet Doors in Fort Worth

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Glass Pet Doors in Fort Worth

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Luxury Style

Don't sacrifice style for efficiency, our products offer both!

Highest Quality

The highest quality and best looking pet doors. We can install our products in any door that you have!

Affordable Price

We treat every dog door install like it was for our own home. We are proud to offer a quality service at an affordable price.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee your satisfaction at 100%


The best Fort Worth dog door on the market. They can be easily installed into any door material, and come with a lock and steel security plate for maximum security. With a 10 year warranty and a 90 day money back guarantee, Plexidor dog doors are a high quality and assured to please.

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Endura FlapEndura Flap

If you're looking for something cheaper than Plexidor dog door but still good quality, Endura Flap pet doors are a perfect option. With dual paneled flaps, a magnetic seal, and a secure locking cover, these doors are weather resistant and secure for your peace of mind. Along with a 15 year warranty and 90 day money back guarantee make this Fort Worth pet door a great option.

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Hale Pet DoorHale Pet Door

Quality, energy efficiency, safety, and security are priorities with Hale Pet Door. All of our door dog doors are rated highest in insulating and sealing, ensuring protection against wind, dust and insects. All Hale Pet Door branded products are manufactured in the United States with the greatest attention to detail.

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Simple 3-Step Process

Dog Door Installation in Fort Worth with Glass Pet Doors can get you the storm door with dog door your family needs.

1. Measure For Dog Door Installation

Measure the width of your pet's chest and the hips, which are the widest parts of their body. Then measure their height, from the bottom of the chest or belly (whichever one is the tallest measurement) to the top of the shoulders. Add one or two inches to both dimensions to ensure your pet will be able to comfortably fit through the dog door.

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2. Identify Install Location

After measuring your pet for the right sized door, the next step is determining the right location, materials, and style of Fort Worth dog door installation required. Pet doors can be installed in sliding glass door units, windows, solid doors, screens and in walls.

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Pet Door Installation in Fort Worth with Glass Pet Doors.
Sliding Glass Dog Door Fort Worth with Glass Pet Doors.

3. Choose your Product

Dog, cat and pet doors come in many sizes and types considering the weight, height and personal pet needs. The actual material of the dog door may vary depending on the mounting location of the pet door in your home.

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We have been working with glass and custom dog door installations from houses, to high rises for over 10 years, including in Fort Worth. Our goal is leaving each customer with a quality installation at a competitive price. Getting a free, instant dog door installation quote has never been easier!

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Dog Door in Fort Worth with Glass Pet Doors.

What Our Customers Say

  • Chelsea Christensen
    I had no idea this was even an option! After 12 years of having dogs and a sliding door- I AM SO HAPPY!!!! They came, swapped out my glass with the new pane that had the door and were out. We've had it for a few months now and it has been the best purchase ever. Great quality, looks professional, and does the job! A must for any pet owner. Thank you!
  • Ben Cooksey
    Excellent service and communication. The door insert fit perfectly.
  • Ian Silverberg
    They were great! Professional, responsive, and installed a great tour. Couldn’t ask for more!
  • Pamela Farmer
    I absolutely love my replacement glass with large pet door pre-installed! It is so nice to not have to put in a whole new door. I am also able to preserve the full-glass look to my patio. They were so helpful walking me through the measuring and ordering process, and my husband was able to install the new glass fairly easily. Love, love, love! Happy dog and happy family! Update: We have now had our new pet door for almost 3 years! We did replace the flap last year (a visiting dog chewed on it), but it is doing great! Would still recommend 200%!
  • Heidi Winn
    My husband and I have 2 rowdy beagles, who are frequently in and out of the house. We had a sliding glass door insert but during the cold winter months found that keeping it in and keeping our heating costs down were not compatible. So I started doing some research and found Glass Pet Doors. Trevor was AWESOME to work with! They walked us through measuring our door and installation. We have LOVED our built-in dog door and our reduced cost for heating and cooling. Not to mention the dog door is excellent quality- I never have the rain or snow push through the door. I can’t recommend them enough. If I have a complaint it would only be that they couldn’t ship to us. Luckily we lived close enough to pick it up ourselves, but, with a nationwide online store, perhaps that is changing. Good luck!
  • Brooke Jensen
    One of the best purchases we have ever made! We love our pet door!
  • Mark Evans
    Great product and fast turn around. The dogs love it and no more waking up in the middle of the night to let the dogs out.
  • Ashley Blackham
    Glass Pet Doors was a great company to work with. Many different options available to fit your pets needs. We have had our dog door for over two years with no issues at all!! Thank you!
  • Jeffrey Arnold
    Glass Pet Doors was outstanding to work with! I even made a mistake in my measurements and they exchanged my insert, which was a full length glass insert with imbedded blinds. I just paid the shipping charge and nothing more. I have had the dog door installed for well over a year and it performs great! This company is terrific! I would highly recommend them!
  • Brent Christiansen
    Great guys excellent service!
  • Paul Shumway
    Awesome customer service. When I sold my house, they came and took the window out of my slider and put the glass back because I saved it. Then they came and installed it in my new house. Of course I paid for the services but they were quick and efficient in doing so. The doors are great quality and I would highly recommend them!
  • Scott Johnson
    Very helpful. The product is great. We have been using the door for almost two years and it has held up perfectly. We also appreciate the help that we received for trying to figure out a solution for our older small dog that struggled with the weight of the door.
  • Gary Delehoy
    I sell Glass Pet Doors to my customers and this door/glass package is one of kind that I am very pleased to offer to my customers. Each homeowner that has purchased one of these has been very happy with the quality and function of the Glass Pet Doors with PlexiDor Pet Door.
  • Jon Mortensen
    Have done business with Glass Pet Doors several times, 100% would recommend.
  • Eric John
    Great prices, great service, and above all, they produce a solid, high quality product. I have recommended their products to several of my friends and family.
  • Kyle Power
    Good price, great service timely service
  • Laura Bales
    LOVE my door!!!
  • Tucker Marriott
    I have now used this company on two commercial jobs. Their install crews are wonderful, and their management is honest and fair. These are two qualities that are hard to find in construction.
  • Kim Treadway
    We had out door installed years ago and we love it! It was the perfect solution for us.
  • Richard Yeo
    Great company, great people! Personal service with a positive attitude. Have used them 3-4 times. Always excellent work. They do more than just pet doors as well. Have used them for a bedroom and 2 front doors. Highly recommended.
  • Brandon Fordham
    Over a year since we installed. No issues so far. Very satisfied. Love the product.
  • Robert Staker
    Very happy works great and no issues with them.
  • Gary Fischer
    I have used Glass Pet Doors/Utah Pet Access at my West Haven, Layton and St. George homes. Excellent quality, service and communications. I’ve never had an issue with my doggie doors.
  • Anna Whitby
    Our pet door has been in use for several years now and it is still in excellent condition. We previously had a flap-style doggie door but i like this one much better.
  • George Farris
    The dogs love this door ... they bound in and out with ease ... highly recommended ...
  • Robin Mestas
    They are so nice and professional to work with. We have loved our dog doors that they installed. We have used them both at our home and business. We would highly recommend them!
  • Champion Tassainer
    They installed the door over three years ago. I have a large active Doberman that runs in and out of that door at least 50 times a day sometimes at full speed. It still works the same and haven't had any malfunctions at all. One of the best decisions I made for him. It's durable and high quality which is exactly what I paid for. The installers were fast and super friendly.
  • Kira Holladay
    I love our dog door from pet access. They installed a sliding door for us with the dog door in it. It is perfect even after two years.
  • Britt Rasely
    We love our doggie door! We have a beautiful dog and beautiful glass doors. Installing a doggie door has made life easier for our family 🐾
  • Ryan Gwilliam
    They have put in several dog doors for me over the years and have always done a great job. Beautiful work and they stand behind it if there is ever an issue.
  • alex imbastari
    There was an issue with a glass cut on the door and the owner was very cooperative and gave a discount for the mishap. Door turned out great. Will use them again.
  • Jeremy Geatches
    We love this door! Fit perfectly. Company was great w customer service.
  • Nelson Eisman
    I wanted a glass panel with pet access for the patio door that leads out to our backyard. I ordered a door without a glass in the slider and asked the company for the exact measurements of the glass they would have used. Then I sent the measurements to Utah Pet Access. They made the glass and shipped it to the patio door company who installed it. It is perfect. Our dogs let themselves in and out. Even our 15 year old Scottie took to it right away.
Dog door for sliding glass doors are great options for families in Fort Worth.

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We have a wide range of quality products that both you and your pet will love. You can choose doors with varying costs, styles, advantages, and warranties. Our pet door experts will give you a free and instant quote for any product to install your pet door with the click of a button.

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Get your Instant Quote Today!

We have a wide range of quality products that both you and your pet will love. You can choose doors with varying costs, styles, advantages, and warranties. Our pet door experts will give you a free and instant quote for any product to install your pet door with the click of a button.

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