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Plants to Keep Away from Your Pets

Post by: Kenzie on Jan 23rd 2019

After being stuck inside all winter, summer is the time for your pets to play outside to their heart's content. But while your garden can hold a lot of fun for your cat or dog, it can also hide some dangers in plain sight. There are many average outdoor and indoor plants that are known to be toxic to pets. Here are some of the most common, brought to you by our dog door installation experts.

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What to Do If Your Dog Eats Chocolate

Post by: Kenzie on Dec 22nd 2018

It's not just a myth that chocolate can be dangerous for your pup. While digesting a couple of chocolate chips or a bite of a chocolate cookie may not be a problem, there's always a chance that even a little bit of chocolate could make your dog sick. And with the holidays in full swing there's a higher chance that your dog could get into the sweets. Knowing how much chocolate is considered toxic and treatment for chocolate poisoning could save their life if they've consumed too much. Here are some tips on what to do if your dog eats chocolate, brought to you by our dog door installation experts.

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Diabetes in Pets

Post by: Kenzie on Nov 20th 2018

November is nationally recognized as American Diabetes Month, but did you know that it is also Pet Diabetes Awareness Month? Diabetes in dogs and cats has become a growing epidemic throughout the years. Knowing what diabetes is, how to prevent it, and how to treat it if your pet develops it is our responsibility as pet owners to keep our best friends as healthy and happy as possible. Here are some facts about diabetes in pets, brought to you by our pet door installation experts.

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Why It's Important to Vaccinate Your Pet

Post by: Kenzie on Oct 19th 2018

While it may seem difficult to believe that your perfectly healthy pet could easily get sick, animals are really no different humans when it comes to contracting dangerous diseases. With the winter seasons bringing about the threat of these illnesses it's a good time to consider immunization for your pet. Here are some reasons why vaccination is so important to your pet's health, brought to you by our pet door installation and pet health experts.

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Tips for Keeping Your Cat Healthy

Post by: Kenzie on Sep 25th 2018

Though cats are famous for being loners, they can't take care of themselves on their own. In celebration of National Cat Health Month, here are some tips to keeping your cat happy and healthy, brought to you by our pet door installation experts.

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7 Fun Facts About Dogs

Post by: Kenzie on Aug 13th 2018

Dogs are man's best friend, which is why they deserve a special day to celebrate all of the wonderful things about them. In honor August 26th being National Dog Day here are some fun facts about dogs, brought to you by our dog door installation experts.

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How to Make Your Home Safer for Your Pet

Post by: Kenzie on Jul 20th 2018

Pets are far more than just animals. In many ways, taking care of them is much like caring for a child. They need time, attention, and a safe environment to live in. Here are some ways you can make your home safer for your pet, brought to you by our pet door installation experts.

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How to Recognize Signs of Stress in Your Dog

Post by: Kenzie on Jun 20th 2018

Changes in your dog's daily behavior is worrying when you don't know what they're experiencing or how to help them. Here are some of the signs that can help you recognize stress or anxiety in your dog.

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Tips to Keep Your Pet Hydrated This Summer

Post by: Kenzie on May 31st 2018

With the summertime comes long days and hot weather, and while this means a lot more fun activities to do with your pet, it can also lead to dehydration if you're not careful. Here are some helpful tips to keep your pet hydrated this summer.

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The Benefits of a Dog Door

Post by: Kenzie on Feb 6th 2018

One of our jobs as pet owners is to ensure that our pet has the best quality of life possible. Dog doors are the perfect way to give them that. It can be an unsettling thought to install an small door just for your dog to use, but dog doors have come a long way in recent years with security and accessibility. Here are some of the benefits of dog door installation.

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