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Handling Separation Anxiety After Lockdown Ends

Post by: Andrea on May 26th 2020

A sudden, abrupt change to a dog's schedule can cause behavioral problems as your pup doesn't understand why the changes have occurred. Separation anxiety is likely to occur when a dog who is now used to receiving attention 24/7 is left home alone for hours on end. So, while you and your family are eager to get back into the swing of things, it's important to remember that your dog may not understand what is going on (and why you are no longer petting him 8 hours a day). Make sure you take the time to help your dog adjust so that separation anxiety behaviors do not occur.

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COVID-19 Response

Post by: Andrea on Apr 16th 2020

Amid concerns of the ongoing global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Glass Pet Doors' number on priority is the safety and health of our staff and customers. Pets are family members and their health is equally important, especially during this time when families are spending more time than usual indoors. We believe it is our duty to provide your pets easy access to the outdoors and we will continue to offer our premium pet door installation services.

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