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The Benefits of a Dog Door

Post by: Kenzie on Feb 6th 2018


The Benefits of a Dog Door

One of our jobs as pet owners is to ensure that our pet has the best quality of life possible. Dog doors are the perfect way to give them that. It can be an unsettling thought to install an small door just for your dog to use, but dog doors have come a long way in recent years with security and accessibility. Here are some of the benefits of dog door installation.

Convenience for You

One of the biggest advantages of installing a dog door is how much of a convenience it can be for you. Getting up to let your dog out every time they need to go to the bathroom can be a big hassle. Coming home to let them out during a lunch break, being woken up early in the morning or late at night, and worrying about spending long hours away from home in fear of an accident is aggravating for both you and your pet. With a pet door, your dog will be able to come in and out as the please, leaving you with one less thing to worry about.

Convenience for Your Dog

Obviously, having their own dog door will be incredibly beneficial to your dog. Waiting for you to let them in and out can be just as frustrating for your pup as it is for you. They have to go long periods of time without urinating, which can go from just uncomfortable to being dangerous. Urinary tract infections can form, which lead to bladder infections. Allowing your dog to go outside and relieve themselves whenever they need to instead of waiting to be let out can help reduce the risk of infection and remove the inconvenience of waiting for you.

Safety for Your Dog

Without a dog door, your pet doesn't have any way to get in and out of your home by themselves. This can be an annoyance when they need to go to the bathroom, but can become life threatening in some situations. There have been many instances of house fires where the pets become trapped inside the home while the family escapes. Pets can also get trapped outside in the winter or summer due to accidental neglectfulness, and have dangerous encounters with predaceous animals that they can't get away from. Having a pet door can give your pet an escape from life endangering situations, increasing their chances for survival.

Health Advantages

The freedom that comes with a pet door is invaluable for your pup's health. There's not a lot of exercise that can be had indoors for a dog. Because of this, most pets don't get nearly the amount of exercise they need on a daily basis. With a dog door, they can receive much more exercise and fresh air that will keep them at their best health.

Reduces Boredom

With little else to do all day than wait for you to get home to let them out, a dog's life can get pretty boring. With a dog door, your pup has the freedom to play outside whenever they want, giving them a way to release all of their pent up energy so they will be less unruly at the end of the day. Dogs often display their boredom through behavioral acts such as chewing on furniture, getting into food, or tearing things up. Giving them an easily accessible outlet to play around while you're not there will remove risk of these acts.

A dog door can be an enormous advantage for your dog. It has numerous benefits that will improve their quality of life, and yours as well.

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