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COVID-19 Response

Post by: Andrea on Apr 16th 2020


COVID-19 Response

Amid concerns of the ongoing global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Glass Pet Doors' number on priority is the safety and health of our staff and customers. Pets are family members and their health is equally important, especially during this time when families are spending more time than usual indoors. We believe it is our duty to provide your pets easy access to the outdoors and we will continue to offer our premium pet door installation services.

We are still offering pet door installation appointments, with the following adjustments:

  • During the initial consultation, our installation technicians only need access to the exterior of your house. We will then make you a quote over the phone.
  • During installation, technicians will need to enter your home but they will follow social distancing recommendations and wipe down every surface they touch.

Additionally, we will be monitoring our technicians for symptoms and will send anyone who is reporting illness home. As your pets are beloved family members, we will continue to do our best to provide pet door installation in a timely manner.

We hope that you are staying happy and healthy! If you have any questions about our response to COVID-19, please do not hesitate to contact us.