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How to Keep Your Pet Safe During COVID-19

Post by: Andrea on Mar 24th 2020


How to Keep Your Pet Safe During COVID-19

As people around the nation adopt social distancing and quarantine measures, you may be wondering how to keep your pet safe in this time of uncertainty. With some precautions, you can prepare your family and pets for a safe time ahead.

Your Pet Can’t Get COVID-19

Many pet owners have become concerned about the possibility of their cats and dogs catching coronavirus. The CDC has reported no viable evidence to support this - at this moment, it is not considered possible for companion animals to catch COVID-19 from sick humans. The CDC does suggest that you should quarantine yourself from your pet, just as you would from people, if you happen to become sick.

Stock up on Essentials

If you are practicing social distancing, or a larger quarantine is being enforced in your area, it is important to ensure you have enough supplies for your pet for at least 2 weeks. This includes medicines, food and treats. Do not overbuy or hoard pet supplies; just ensure you have enough for your pet to comfortably survive for 2-3 weeks.

Exercise is Important

You can still practice social distancing while taking your dog for a walk! Remember that exercise is important for your pup, and take him for a walk at least once a day. If quarantine measures are a bit stricter in your area, take your dog for a walk around the backyard or start an exciting game of tug-o-war inside your apartment.

At Home Entertainment

While you’re trying to work remotely or catch up on your favorite Netflix show, your dog or cat may want some of your attention. There are plenty of ways to have fun indoors: bring out all the toys, play hide and seek, send your pet on a treat finding treasure hunt!

Extra Love

Our companion animals are great at picking up on our emotions, and that’s why they always help us feel better when we are down. If you or family members are experiencing fear or anxiety, your pet may mimic these emotions. Check in with your furry friend and make sure to dole out plenty of extra love.

From the entire team at Glass Pet Doors, we wish you, your family and your companion animals safe and healthy times ahead!