Glass Pet Doors Products

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Endura Flap - Door
$290 - $760
Endura Flap - Wall
$420 - $830
PlexiDor - Door
$232 - $888
PlexiDor - Wall
$393 - $1110
Hale - Door
$208 - $675
Hale - Wall
$260 - $769
Hale - Screen Door
$143 - $242
High Tech - Door
$420 - $689
High Tech - Wall
$475 - $710
PlexiDor - Awning
$104 - $144
Hale - Buildout
$24 - $63
Hale - Tunnel
$19 - $71
UPA Signature Series
$1061 - $1957
UPA Custom Series
$1146 - $2356

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What Our Customers Say

  • Lisa Jensen
    Can't say enough good about working with Trevor at Utah Pet Access to have a dog door installed at my mother's home. Very knowledgeable and professional. Thank you!
  • Michael Riggs
    Installed a large pet door at my house. They did a great job, despite the fact that my back door's decoration made it complex. I am very satisfied. Thank you!
  • Amy Fail
    Utah Pet Access was great to work with. They were very responsive. The bid and install guys both showed up on time for their appointments. They both explained everything in detail and were very knowledgeable. Highly recommend!
  • Jake Buxton
    Easily the best in the biz! There's another rag tag outfit running around using inferior product and the finished product from Utah Pet Access is far better looking. Almost as if the door came from the factory this way! Impressed!
  • Brian Long
    UPA replaced a large, fixed arched window that is on the 3rd floor. They did encounter a problem with the thickness of the gap between the panes on the day of the install but caught it before fully removing the original window. They were out the next business day to finish the job. First day it was raining; second day the wind was rather bad. No complaints from them. Also had them replace the fixed glass in french doors with ones that have the built-in blinds. We will use UPA again if the need arises.
  • Nicole Stirling
    Great experience. Fast service, good communication, excellent product.
  • Lance Beech
    Great installer did a gray job fast I have nothing but good to say about the company and the people who work there
  • sandra bithell-hottel
    professional, timely and quality workmanship they’ve done three doors for me and they stand behind their workmanship!
  • Michael St Clair
    They have done 3 pet doors for me over the last 6 years and every time they have done an amazing job. They are very professional and cleanup everything when done. It always looks great and they have amazing solutions for every house I have put a dog door in.
  • Hunter Bigelow
    We love our glass door with the pet door! One of the best purchases we have made for both us and our pets. Utah Pet Access was great to work with and were professional and knowledgeable throughout the process. Would 100% recommend them to anybody.
  • John Skedros
    They are a great company to work with. We had a small problem with the door. It was still under warranty and they came by and fixed it without any hassle to us.
  • Amanda Marriott
    Brad and Utah Pet Access has been absolutely amazing! The door is not only beautiful, but is functional. From the time that we communicated with Brad to the time the door was installed…was seamless and smooth. Great communication. The installation was precise and quick. The installer was kind and professional. Good with my 3 German Shepherds and he did amazing work. I would highly recommend Utah Pet Access for any of your door and pet door needs! Thank you!!
  • Jenny D
    We absolutely love our pet door!! The employees are very kind and pleasant to work with! I highly recommended them.
  • R.D. Parsons
    Life changing as a pet owner after we were able to get a dog door installed. Happy pets and happy owners. Pet Access was fast, professional and friendly when it came to getting the project completed.
  • Darrell Poleviyaoma
    Utah Per Access had a wonderful and great customer service. Great installation and great product will totally recommend them to someone else and family.
  • Cristian Wood
    Trevor and his team are as professional as they come! They are always going above and beyond and providing an outstanding experience. I have and would still highly recommend them.
  • Jennifer Bellows
    Great company to work with! So responsive and reliable! My large Labrador loves his large Endura Flap door. Took less than a month from the initial phone call to install. I highly recommend this company.
  • Heather Bandiola
    We had a great experience with our pet door purchase, the customer service, and installation. We not only got the pet door installed but had the glass on the other side replaced also. We had it installed over a year ago and we're still happy with it. Thank you!
  • dbbedoya
    Did an amazing job and adapted to some last minute changes to make it even more accessible for my doggie! Thank you so much! Great company to work with!
  • Lindsay Flesch
    We just recently ordered and had a beautiful patio door with dog and blind insert installed. Utah Pet Access went above and beyond to ensure that we were happy with our finished product. I would strongly recommend this company for your pet door installation. Their customer service was excellent. Thank you Utah Pet Access!
  • William B
    Great work. The dogs love it and I’ve had zero issues with the door or installation.
  • Michelle Flesher
    I love, love, love my pet door from Utah Pets. I was very worried about getting the measurements right, but with Trevor's help it was a breeze. Thanks so much.
  • candace ashby
    These guys were awesome. Great service, friendly, my dog door looks awesome. I’ve sent them to a few of my neighbors. Highly recommend!
  • Steve Uragami
    Pet door works great!! Installation was fast and clean.
  • Mark Zambrzycki
    Had an excellent experience with Utah Pet Access getting a dog door installed in my glass patio slider. Trevor was extremely responsive and helpful. He worked with my glass company to get the order done right and shipped to them. It was then installed perfectly, with no issues. Please give them a call!!!
  • David Artica
    My wife and I have loved this product. Our dog goes in and out to our backyard at will. It’s nice to not have to worry about her being stuck inside all day. Best of all I never had to buy a sliding door, or drill any holes in ours
  • Chad Anderson
    Easy to work with. Great product.
  • Jenny Yergensen
    Super easy to work with, did a fantastic job and were less than one or two other competitors that I looked at! Would definitely recommend…having a doggie door for our 2 dogs has been a complete game changer!
  • Sarah Willardson
    I looked everywhere online to find a product to install in my home that would work for my dog's needs. They were the PERFECT solution. Could not be happier with the product and service!
  • Melanie Hall
    Worth every penny that I spent on the dog door, as it has made a huge difference for my elderly dog. Great service and workmanship.
  • Jason Rabbitt
    I absolutely recommend this place. Their price was the best I found in the area and they were very kind and helpful. They answered all my questions and went over all my options. I ended up being able to keep the original glass (safely stored in my home) which means if I ever sell my town house, and the buyers don't want a doggie door, Utah Pet Access will come back to my home and install the original glass (for a very reasonable install fee). The installation was quick and they helped me store the original glass safely. I've had my doggie door for over a year now, and it still works great, the magnetic latch still works very well, and my dachshund uses it every day.
  • David K
    They were professional and installed a great looking doggy door for us. 2 years later it still works like new.
  • Andy Nichols
    High quality door and professional guidance through selecting the right door for my house.
  • Tony Washington
    The company provided us with an excellent installation of our pet door at a very reasonable price.
  • Pete Gallegos
    Utah Pet Access did a great job putting a doggie door on my 8' tall French door with the blinds inside the glass. I have recommended them to many friends and family
  • Abby Jenkins
    Utah Pet Access was responsive, friendly, and prompt with their consultation and door installation. I've had my pet door for about a year now and have had zero issues. It is well insulated, quiet, and easy to use. The cat and dog love it!
  • Kevin Edwards
    Great product and very easy to install.